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The Garden State Chiropractic Society is the “Official Voice of Straight Chiropractic in NJ” and has been for over 50 years!

Please read the following information in its entirety before signing the Application Form, which is provided below.

The following are excerpts of the by-laws of the Garden State Chiropractic Society. Persons filling out the reverse side should be aware that by doing do they agree to ascribe and adhere to the following:

A. Membership – classes and responsibilities

1. General: open to all licensed DC’s, full voting rights, dues: $300 per year.

2. First Year: open to all licensed DC’s out of school less than one year, full voting rights, dues: $100 per year.

3. Student: open to all resident students in any chiropractic college, no voting rights, may attend G.S.C.S. function open to general members: $25 one-time fee.

4. Associate: open to any doctor of the chiropractic or philosophical friend of straight chiropractic not practicing in New Jersey, no voting rights, may attend all functions open to all general members, dues: $50 annually.

B. Definition of terms and concepts regarding the purpose of the G.S.C.S.:


Straight Chiropractic is a natural philosophy of life and health based upon recognition of the inherent ability of living organisms to repair and heal themselves, under the perfect definition of the Innate Intelligence of Life, in accordance with Universal Law; and the art and science of properly locating, analyzing and adjusting vertebral subluxations for the restoration and maintenance of neural integrity in accordance with the philosophy.


The practice of straight chiropractic includes:

A. Pre and post analysis of the spine to locate, identify and categorize vertebral subluxations by means of chiropractic spinographic x-ray study, chiropractic palpation of the spine through its immediately adjacent tissues, and/or observation of structures related to the spine

B. The correction of vertebral subluxations by means of specific chiropractic adjustments.

C. Educating patients and the public at large to the philosophy and principles of straight chiropractic.

D. Nothing else.

GSCS Membership Application

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